Income from capital gains problems and solutions pdf

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income from capital gains problems and solutions pdf

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Capital Gains Tax

In an era of profound inequality, few issues illustrate such stark differences in economic priorities as capital gains taxes. Capital gains accrue overwhelmingly to the wealthy and receive favorable tax treatment in several ways. Cutting capital gains taxes would confer another windfall on the wealthy, exacerbate the tax preference for income from wealth over income from work, increase inequality, and drain revenue. By contrast, raising capital gains taxes and closing loopholes would make the wealthy pay more of their fair share, lessen tax code disparities, reduce inequality, and raise substantial revenue for the country. A capital gain is the profit from selling an asset such as a stock or other financial instrument, an interest in a business, or real estate. The gains from the sale of such assets held more than one year are considered long-term gains and taxed at special low rates.

Capital gains shall be chargeable to tax if following conditions are satisfied:. In other words, the asset transferred should be a capital asset on the date of transfer;. However, jewellery, costly stones, and ornaments made of silver, gold, platinum or any other precious metal, archaeological collections, drawings, paintings, sculptures or any work of art shall be considered as capital asset even if used for personal purposes;. Within jurisdiction of municipality, notified area committee, town area committee, cantonment board and which has a population not less than 10,;. Within range of following distance measured aerially from the local limits of any municipality or cantonment board:. Capital asset held for not more than 36 months immediately prior to the date of transfer shall be deemed as short-term capital asset. However, following assets held for not more than 12 months shall be treated as short-term capital assets:.

Capital Gains Tax Preference Should Be Ended, Not Expanded

Did you know that when you sell an asset you may have to pay taxes on the proceeds? Knowing the rules on capital gains and losses can help you make decisions about whether it makes sense to sell. You may have taxable gains when you sell a capital asset, which may include your home, car or other property, as well as investments like stocks and bonds. The capital gain is the difference between your basis—usually the purchase price you paid for the asset—and the sale price. The cost of any improvements may increase your basis in the property.

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Capital Gains Exemption

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