Place and placelessness relph pdf file

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place and placelessness relph pdf file

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Place and placelessness

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Edward Relph

By utilizing cognitive mapping and leveraging georeferenced text data, this paper aims to suggest a new visualization method that combines the advantages of both conventional and state-of-the-art research techniques to depict the collective identity of place in a single image. The study addressed two research questions: 1 Can crowd-sourced text data be utilized in representing place identity? In particular, to improve the conventional cognitive mapping method to depict the collective identity of a city, we draw cognitive maps of Bundang and Ilsan developed in the s, as well as Songdo and Dongtan developed in the s, just outside of the administrative boundaries of Seoul in Korea, through a computational method based on crowd-sourced opinions collected from social media. We open the possibility for the use of social media text data to capture the identity of cities and suggest a graphical image through which people without prior information could also easily apprehend the overall image of a city. The work in this paper is expected to provide a methodological technique for appropriate decision-making and the evaluation of urban identity to shape a more unique and imageable city. The term derives from the field of environmental psychology yet is currently regarded as a flexible idea that is often used interchangeably with different concepts that emphasize the interaction between people and their environment—namely, sense of place, imageability, placeness, place attachment, and place distinctiveness. This framework is a revision of the three basic elements of place identity proposed by Relph [ 4 ]: physical settings, activities, and meaning.

Place and Placelessness (Research in Planning and Design)

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To what extent and how do the media — press, broadcasting or social — influence our perceptions of places and brands, and as such their image and reputation? With what consequences? Media representations play a crucial role in the place image context.

Place and Placelessness, Edward Relph

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The term sense of place has been used in many different ways. It is a multidimensional, complex construct used to characterize the relationship between people and spatial settings. The term is used in urban and rural studies in relation to place-making and place-attachment of communities to their environment or homeland. Cultural geographers , anthropologists , sociologists and urban planners study why certain places hold special meaning to particular people or animals. Places that lack a "sense of place" are sometimes referred to as "placeless" or "inauthentic". Edward Relph, a cultural geographer, investigates the "placelessness" of these locations. Stepping against the kind of reductive thinking that placelessness can lead to, in his book, The Practice of Everyday Life , Jesuit philosopher Michel de Certeau uses the term "space" French : espace to refer to these placeless locations as opposed to "place" lieu.

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