Food in tourism attraction and impediment pdf

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food in tourism attraction and impediment pdf

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Journal of Gastronomy Hospitality and Travel. Zotero Mendeley EndNote. Also, tourism organisations and businesses are increasingly using food and gastronomy as promotional and marketing tools Cohen and Avieli, ; Du Rand and Heath, ; Okumus, Okumus and McKercher, ; Stanley and Stanley, Food, culinary and gastronomy tourism practices include a wide range of experiences, where eateries take a leading role Levitt et al.

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Home Thematic Issues from calls 13 Tourism and Gastronomy. These approaches set the basis to explore from a wider perspective on how social actors and communities implied in gastronomy articulate their social life around this activity. Thus, various influential discourses at the international level have shaped the conceptualization of gastronomy thereby affecting the types of activity that give it legitimacy. This phenomenon has restructured the sense of community, power relations and the commodification of culinary identities in the places where it is prominent. Thus, the relation between tourism and gastronomy gets more complex due to the constant dilemma that tourists face when approaching to the Culinary Other. Indeed, when performing tourism, subjects constantly negotiate multiple dimensions often dichotomous of the relationship with otherness through food as a reaction to global processes.

Food in tourism - attraction and impediment

Due to growing food-related tourism, there is increasing interest about street foods worldwide, including South Korea. Many types of food-related experiences have been considered as one of the significant elements to develop positive perceptions about a destination, and street food has been recognized as a critical clue for encouraging tourists to a destination. Therefore, this study aims to find out how experiential quality of street foods is related to the destination image, life satisfaction, and word of mouth as perceived by tourists in night markets of South Korea. Data was collected from foreigners who visited night markets and have experienced street foods in Korea. This study demonstrates the results of the influence of quality of street foods on tourist experience, on destination image, on life satisfaction, and on word of mouth in Korea.

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Food in tourism - Attraction and Impediment

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Principles Of Tourism Management Pdf. Taxes are levied in almost every country of the world, primarily to raise revenue for government expenditures, although they serve other purposes as well. This effort aims at fulfilling the needs of local and international Muslim tourists. Figure 2: Tourism Destination Management Marketing and Product Development If tourism development is to be successful, the product market and development process is essential in developing a destination strategy. Sustainable tourism is attracting enormous attention today throughout the world. Companies focus on sales and advertising only after all other factors of marketing have been determined.

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LUCY M. LONG 1. It is a highly popular and profitable industry in both international and domestic tourism segments and has a significant impact on food-related businesses. The identification, selection, evaluation, and interpretation of the cuisines and dishes included in such tourism are issues of power, that is, cultural politics. Who gets to make those selections? Whose recipe is used to represent a culture? Whose definition of the cuisine is presented?

The common perception of food as a mere attraction in tourism is challenged by stressing the complications and impediments experienced by tourists in the local​.


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