Car parts and functions pdf

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car parts and functions pdf

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Posted by: Juliet Onyeachonam. Although almost everyone drives or is driven in a car on daily basis, most people do not know the basic car parts names and their functions. For an average person, a car is just a piece of metal on four wheels for getting around.

A car is a complex machine with several systems functioning simultaneously. While most modern cars contain computerized systems that are beyond the understanding of all but the most specialized technicians, knowing the basic parts of a car and how they function makes it easier to spot problems, perform basic repairs and drive more responsibly. Every car is powered by an engine, and most cars use an internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline. Gas, along with air, is drawn into a combustion chamber where it is compressed and ignited by a spark. The resulting combustion provides a power stroke that, when repeated rapidly, powers the car.

What are the Parts of a Car?

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In this post, we will discuss the engine parts. The engine has two types one is the internal combustion engine and another one is the external combustion engine. The engine most essential part of automobile industries or we can say that the engine is the heart of an automobile. The function and construction of each engine parts of an internal combustion engine are explained. The key to the engine is as follows. Fig shows a simple sketch of the cylinder block. Cylinder block, cylinder head and crankcase these three parts form the foundation and main stationary body of the automobile engine.

This is a list of automotive parts , mostly for vehicles using internal combustion engines which are manufactured components of automobiles :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Anti-intrusion bar Outer door handle Inner door handle Window motor Door control module Door seal Door water-shield Hinge Door latch Door lock and power door locks Central-locking Fuel tank or fuel filler door. Backup camera Dashcam. Ammeter Clinometer Dynamometer Fuel gauge Manometer Hydrometer Odometer also called milometer or mileometers Speedometer Tachometer also called rev counters Temperature gauge Tire pressure gauge Vacuum gauge Voltmeter Water temperature meter Oil pressure gauge. Main article: Automotive lighting.

List of Car Engine Parts: Its Function (With Pictures)

For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. It consists of a rotating disc which has a port. Tires and Types Towards the top of the piston, a few grooves are cut to house the piston rings. The oil pan and the lower part of the cylinder block together are called the crankcase. These can be replaced after they are worn out. Most likely you have knowledge that, people have look numerous times for their favorite books later this List Of Car Parts And Their Functions, but stop stirring in harmful downloads. Parts of an engine and their functions pdf parts of a car engine and their functions pdf The piston of an engine is the first part to begin movement and to transmitengine is a lot simpler in design and function than the larger automobile pale horse agatha christie pdf engine Study unit, well talk about the Cleaning of the ports and the valve is complicated.

The function and construction of each engine parts of an internal combustion engine are.

car parts functions pdf

You should take your vehicle to a service center if something seems to be off, but it helps tremendously if you know something about car maintenance yourself. It helps if you look at a car parts diagram, so you know where the most important parts in your vehicle are located. Learn about car parts so you can have more in-depth discussions with your service technician about how to adequately maintain your vehicle. The battery is a critical component. It allows your vehicle to turn on in the first place.

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List of auto parts

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