Effects of nutrients and light on growth and root formation in pisum sativum cuttings pdf

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effects of nutrients and light on growth and root formation in pisum sativum cuttings pdf

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Cuttings obtained from 90 day old plants were submitted to four photoperiods 8, 12, 16 and 20 hours. After 60 days, allantoin content in roots and rhizomes was evaluated. The results showed that increases in photoperiod promoted an increment in the average content of allantoin in roots 0. On the other hand, in rhizomes, allantoin accumulation decreased 9.

Environmental influences on adventitious rooting in cuttings of non-woody species

In vascular plants , the roots are the organs of a plant that are modified to provide anchorage for the plant and take in water and nutrients into the plant body, which allows plants to grow taller and faster. The root's major functions are absorption of water and plant nutrition and anchoring of the plant body to the ground. Root morphology is divided into four zones: the root cap, the apical meristem, the elongation zone, and the hair. These root caps are sloughed off as the root goes deeper creating a slimy surface that provides lubricant. The apical meristem behind the root cap produces new root cells that elongated.

Adventitious root formation ARF is the process by which roots arise from nonroot plant tissue Bellini et al. Effectively using ARF for plant propagation is a cornerstone of the ornamental horticulture industry as it allows for plants with preferred traits to be propagated asexually and thereafter perpetuated indefinitely. The process by which excised stem sections develop adventitious roots can be divided into two distinct stages; cells of the existing tissue must first dedifferentiate, and then these cells must redifferentiate into root cells Hartmann et al. Calcium is crucial to ARF because it is required for root primordia formation, cell expansion, and cell division White and Broadley, Root formation is stimulated by Fe availability Giehl et al. There is some evidence that Cu can promote root formation and growth when applied at subtoxic concentrations, but the precise role of endogenous Cu in root formation is not known Arnold et al. Other macro- and micronutrients are required for subsequent growth and development after roots have formed Bellini et al.

DICK, R. The rooting of vegetatively propagated leafy cuttings involves the complex interaction of many processes. For this reason, the influence of carbohydrate status, nutrition, water and hormonal factors on root formation is poorly understood at a mechanistic level. We present a mechanistic model of the growth of pre-formed root initials on a cutting consisting of leaf, internode and roots. The processes represented are leaf photosynthesis, starch mobilization, sugar transport, and sugar utilization for root growth.

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Environmental control of plant development View all 4 Articles. The geomagnetic field GMF is a natural component of our environment. Plants, which are known to sense different wavelengths of light, respond to gravity, react to touch and electrical signaling, cannot escape the effect of GMF. While phototropism, gravitropism, and tigmotropism have been thoroughly studied, the impact of GMF on plant growth and development is not well-understood. This review describes the effects of altering magnetic field MF conditions on plants by considering plant responses to MF values either lower or higher than those of the GMF. The possible role of GMF on plant evolution and the nature of the magnetoreceptor is also discussed. A magnetic field MF is an inescapable environmental factor for plants on the Earth.

Cuttings obtained from seedlings of Pisum sativum L. were rooted in water solution. Shoot growth continued after excision and shoot length increased.

Magnetic field effects on plant growth, development, and evolution

The environment which supports and facilitates rooting of cuttings has a profound influence on the success or failure of the establishment of a new plant. The purpose of this chapter is to assess the types of variation in environment that are important. The intention is to focus on the entire process of adventitious rooting i.

Metrics details. Adventitious root AR formation is a critical developmental process in cutting propagation for the horticultural industry. While auxin has been shown to regulate this process, the exact mechanism and details preceding AR formation remain unclear.

Stock pea plants Pisum sativum L. The etiolation started the fifth day after sowing and lasted till cutting preparation. Endogenous IAA in the base of etiolated cuttings was higher during the first 24 h after cutting preparation than in the control.

Auxin regulates adventitious root formation in tomato cuttings

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Eliasson L () Effects of nutrients and light on growth and root formation in Pisum sativum cuttings. Physiol Plant Google Scholar. Eliasson L.


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