Cyberbullying causes consequences and coping strategies pdf

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cyberbullying causes consequences and coping strategies pdf

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Abstract Although cyberbullying is a well-studied online risk, little is known about the effectiveness of various coping strategies for its victims. Therefore, this study on 2, Czech children aged examined which coping strategies were applied most often and to what extent victims of cyber aggression judged them to be effective. Effectiveness was measured in two ways: the extent to which the coping strategy buffered negative emotions, and the extent to which it stopped the cyber aggression. The selection of strategies was compared between these groups and the most prevalent and effective strategies were identified. Overall, respondents in both groups used more than one strategy at once, but for victims of cyberbullying, most of the strategies proved less effective.

Current perspectives: the impact of cyberbullying on adolescent health

Cyberbullying is a growing public health concern threatening the well-being of adolescents in both developed and developing countries. In Taiwan, qualitative research exploring the experiences and perceptions of cyberbullying among Taiwanese young people is lacking. We conducted in-depth interviews with a convenience sample of high school students aged 16 to 18 from five schools in Taipei, Taiwan, without prior knowledge of their cyberbullying experiences. In total, 48 participants were interviewed. Exclusion, which may be a type of cyberbullying unique to the Asian context, causes a sense of isolation, helplessness, or hopelessness, even producing mental health effects in the victims because people place the utmost importance on interpersonal harmony due to the Confucian values in collectivistic Asian societies.

In the current study, we tested the relations between cyberbullying roles and several psychological well-being outcomes, as well as the potential mediation effect of perceived social support from family, friends, and teachers in school. This was investigated in a cross-sectional sample of young adolescents We concluded from our results that the Cyberbully-victim group has the highest levels of depressive symptoms, and the lowest of subjective well-being and family support. We also observed higher levels of anxiety symptoms in both the Cyber-victims and the Cyberbully-victims. Moreover, we conclude that some types of social support seem protective in the way that it mediates the relationship between cyberbullying and psychological well-being. More specifically, perceived social support from family and from teachers reduce the probability of depressive and anxiety symptoms, and higher levels of social support from the family increase the probability of higher levels of subjective well-being among youths being a victim of cyberbullying i.

February 2, Staff Writers. This guide takes a holistic look at the issue and includes information on the types of cyberbullying, how students can protect themselves and what actions can be taken to address it after it happens. Cyberbullying occurs when someone harasses, torments, threatens or humiliates someone else through the use of technology — including text messages, social media sites, email, instant messages and websites. Like face-to-face bullying, cyberbullying can manifest itself in several different kinds of behaviors. The following are some common examples of what cyberbullying looks like.

Cyberbullying: Causes, Consequences, and Coping Strategies

The research data indicate the magnitude and significance of the problem of cyberbullying CB that cannot be ignored, since a large enough number of children are aggressively targeted online and are often at significant risk if both school bullying and CB take place simultaneously. The novelty of the research consists in an integrated approach to the CB analysis, as one of the cyber aggression types, taking into account its differences from real-life bullying, based on large-scale foreign national and intercultural studies, which can be compared both at the theoretical and methodological level and on the basis of empirical data. The analysis of the existing theoretical and practical studies of the CB features and mechanisms in the child-adolescent environment has been carried out within the framework of developmental psychology and social psychology over the recent two decades. The results presented in this review can be used as a basis for further theoretical and empirical research, and also for developing practical programs aimed at supporting victims of CB, reducing the probability of such situations, for timely prevention of CBs, for diagnosing risk groups, and to prepare recommendations for psychologists, teachers and parents in schools and other educational institutions. Conclusion The CB research topic is acute in connection with the constant development of information and communication technologies ICT and requires further study in terms of process in terms of dynamics and development. In order to develop effective prevention and intervention programs it is necessary to develop a common theoretical and methodological framework that will support terminological consensus among researchers and international research.

Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means. Cyberbullying and cyberharassment are also known as online bullying. It has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers, as the digital sphere has expanded and technology has advanced. Harmful bullying behavior can include posting rumors, threats , sexual remarks, a victims' personal information , or pejorative labels i. Awareness in the United States has risen in the s , due in part to high-profile cases. Research has demonstrated a number of serious consequences of cyberbullying victimisation. Some researchers point out there could be some way to use modern computer techniques to determine and stopping cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying: causes, consequences, and coping strategies / Nicole. L. Weber and William V. schools and have consequences that could influence students well past their schooling years. following a manual coding system. This manual​.

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Cyberbullying has become an international public health concern among adolescents, and as such, it deserves further study. This paper reviews the current literature related to the effects of cyberbullying on adolescent health across multiple studies worldwide and provides directions for future research. Adolescents who are targeted via cyberbullying report increased depressive affect, anxiety, loneliness, suicidal behavior, and somatic symptoms. Perpetrators of cyberbullying are more likely to report increased substance use, aggression, and delinquent behaviors. More longitudinal work is needed to increase our understanding of the effects of cyberbullying on adolescent health over time.

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Get this from a library! Cyberbullying: causes, consequences, and coping strategies. [Nicole L Weber; William V Pelfrey Jr] -- Weber and Pelfrey examine.

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