Multiple regression testing and interpreting interactions pdf aiken

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multiple regression testing and interpreting interactions pdf aiken

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[PDF.16ez] Multiple Regression: Testing and Interpreting Interactions

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Jump to navigation. Approximately one-third of international business IB articles include conditional hypotheses, yet the vast majority risk errors in testing or interpreting the results. Scholars typically restrict their empirical analysis to the coefficient of the interaction term in the regression, exposing themselves to the hazard of overstating or understating results. To mitigate the risk of misstating, we advocate that IB scholars also evaluate the statistical significance of the marginal effect of the primary independent variable over the range of values of the moderating variable. We demonstrate that overstating results can occur when the interaction term coefficient is statistically significant but the marginal effect is not significantly different from zero for some value s of the moderating variable.

Multiple Regression

This seminar will show you how to decompose , probe, and plot two-way interactions in linear regression using the margins command in Stata. We can probe or decompose each of these interactions by asking the following research questions:. Proceed through the seminar in order or click on the hyperlinks below to go to a particular section:. Before beginning the seminar, please make sure you have Stata installed. The dataset used in the seminar can be found here as a Stata file exercise. You can also import the data directly into Stata via the URL using the following code:.

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Aiken and Stephen G. West do an excellent job of structuring, testing, and interpreting multiple regression models containing interactions, curvilinear effects​, or a.

Leona S. Aiken

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It carves out a seriously neglected area and it very thoroughly covers the topic. The authors are very knowledgeable concerning the literature. This is an excellent text that provides a detailed, yet comprehensible account of how to estimate, test, and probe interactions in regression models. Aiken and Stephen G.

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Understating and Overstating Interaction Results in International Business Research

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for testing and interpreting simple effects and interactions, as well as common errors in. testing testing the significance of a moderator effect (Aiken &. West variables in a multiple regression disrupts the latent covariance.

Decomposing, Probing, and Plotting Interactions in Stata


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