Direct variation and inverse variation ppt to pdf

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direct variation and inverse variation ppt to pdf

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Direct Variation: y varies directly as x.

Students completed a Frayer Model for Direct Variation the first day of this lesson. I begin working with students from slide eight of the Power Point through slide I taught from slides one through seven on the first day.

What is Variation

Direct Variation: y varies directly as x. As x increases, y also increases. As x decreases, y also decreases. Inverse Variation: y varies inversely as x. As x increases, y decreases. As x decreases, y increases. The product of x and y is always constant. Joint Variation: z varies jointly as x and y.

As x and y increases, z also increases. As x and y decrease, z also decreases. Direct Variation Example 1. If a boat travels miles in 11 hours, how far an it travel in Inverse Variation Example a The speed of a gear varies inversely as the number of teeth. If a gear which has 36 teeth makes 30 revolutions per minute, how many revolutions per minute will a gear which has 24 teeth make? If 8 snow plows can plow the airport in 6 hours, how many hours will it take 3 snow plows to plow the same airport?

Suppose f varies directly as g and f varies inversely as h. Suppose a varies directly as b and a varies inversely as c. I feel Oh my! If the gas is compressed to a volume of 6 liters and is heated to Kelvin, what will the pressure be?

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We will learn about what is variation, direct variation, indirect variation and joint variation. In Mathematics , we usually deal with two types of quantities-Variable quantities or variables and Constant quantities or constants. If the value of a quantity remains unaltered under different situations, it is called a constant. On the contrary, if the value of a quantity changes under different situations, it is called a variable. For example: 4, 2. In a mathematical equation where a relationship is established for some type of parameters normally two types quantities exist.

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A mixture of paint is prepared by mixing 1 pan of red pigments with 8 parts of base. In the following table, find the parts of base that need to be added. It is given that parts of red pigment, say x and parts of base, say y are in direct proportion.

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