Schedule u of drugs and cosmetics act pdf

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schedule u of drugs and cosmetics act pdf

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Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945

The registered pharmacists have urged the Union Health Ministry to amend Schedule K of Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, to remove exemption given to registered medical practitioners to stock and dispense medicines. As per section 5 of Schedule K of Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, , a registered medical practitioner is allowed to stock and dispense medicines to his patients from his premises without obtaining a drug selling license under provision of Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, and without employing the services of a registered pharmacist.

Schedule K contains various substances and drugs and their corresponding regulation of Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, Schedule K consists of those drugs that are exempted from Chapter IV of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, which deals with manufacture, sale and distribution of drugs and cosmetics. During course of time drug industry in India has grown in a big way and today it has established as a world leader, in its own way.

So we should have long back omitted this exemption and should have encouraged doctors to serve the patients by indulging in clinical practice alone. The memorandum stated, "Contrary to this, what we see today is that number of doctors, particularly from small towns and villages are making mockery of this exemption given to them under provision of schedule K and practically they are running a medical store in their dispensary by stocking huge quantity of medicines, thereby flouting the principle of ethical medical practice.

At the same time they are not allowed by the government as per recently made rules to run an open medical store. Since there are plenty of medical stores available in the vicinity of dispensaries, the said exemption has lost its being a necessity, automatically. And because of this reason, many complaints are being received from the pharmacists from all over the country. Thus to bring some ethical discipline in medical practice and to save the profession of pharmacy, there is a need to remove this exemption as early as possible, the memorandum stated.

Join Pharma Login. In my opinion it is too difficult to convince the ministry to act on this issue. My suggestion is that let the Schedule K provision continue but the pharmacy or the medical store the doctors run should necessarily have a qualified registered pharmacist and the license to run should be made a rule in the act.

Can a registered pharmacist run a clinic because he is a very knowledgeable person on drugs? WHO defines pharmacists as experts in drugs and as such any medical store must and should have a license to run with a qualified registered pharmacist.

Rukanpura, Patna,on an executive committee meeting on January 10th discussed the issue in detail and decided to contact tts National Committee,New Delhi for early action in this regard. I am one of the member of our state executive committee. Pankaj Prashar Nov 23, PM I request to all goverment officials to amend Schedule K so that exemption given to doctors for dispensing medicines from their premises can be removed. Praveen Sep 17, AM I am agrrreee with u Click here.

Enter Valid Email. Dr N N Rajendran. Feb 3, PM. I totally endorse your representation to Union Health Minister. Vijay Kumar.

Jan 16, PM. Vipul Ladumor. Jan 6, PM. Kailash Chayal. Dec 16, PM. Nov 30, PM. Ved prakash. Nov 26, PM. I request to all goverment officials to amend Schedule K so that exemption given to doctors for dispensing medicines from their premises can be removed.

Amit Rajak. Schedule K should be withdrawn, dr purchase medicines from Pharma company at very low rate and sold to patients at MRP. Pankaj Prashar. Nov 23, PM. Lavdeep Beniwal. Very stressful condition and amendment must be there. P Rai. Nov 11, PM. Not only RMP but also quacks have huge stock of all kinds of medicines. Sep 20, PM. I also request that Schedule k shuld be amended and exemption given to doctors shuld be removed. Sep 17, AM. I am agrrreee with u Swaroop Babu.

Sep 16, PM. We happy by this move sir.

Schedule U: Manufacturing records

Background: In India many of the prescription only drugs Schedule H are available without prescription, leading to injudicious use, incidences of dangerous drug interactions, and unnecessary economic burden. Thus awareness among healthcare professionals and among common public are equally important. Objective was to assess the knowledge among undergraduate medical students in a government medical college in Eastern India regarding drug schedules in India. Methods: Willing 3 rd semester and 5 th semester students participated in the study. We used a pre-tested validated two-part questionnaire to assess the knowledge of undergraduate medical students regarding different drug schedules. Analysis of second set of questionnaires revealed that the 5th semester students identified the different drug categories more correctly compared to the 3rd semester students. Conclusions: Doctors are one of the principle and reliable sources of drug information for the general population.

Post a Comment. Home Regulatory. Rules are given for pharmaceuticals and schedules are there to comply with those rules. Different type of forms is also given for the different type of approvals from drug authorities. The format shall be properly filled in for each application in Form The detailed information, secret in nature, may be furnished on a computer floppy.

Prohibition of import of certain drugs or cosmetics. 10A. matters and matters ancillary thereto as are enumerated in List II of the Seventh Schedule to the said Act; or Pharmaceutical chemistry of a 3[University established in India by law or​.

The Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation and its chairman Drug Controller general of India are bequeathed to protect the citizens from the marketing of unsafe medication. The startling findings, of the 59 th report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare, have uncovered the lax standards followed by the regulatory authorities in India. The growing clinical research after the product patents rights for the pharmaceutical industries as per the trade related aspects of intellectual property rights agreement and adverse drug reaction monitoring of the marketed drugs have raised many ethical and regulatory issues regarding the promotion of new drugs in Indian markets. Many controversial group of medicines; unauthorised and irrational FDCs not relevant to India's medical needs, are available which are not sold in any of the countries with matured regulatory bodies.

Schedule U: Manufacturing records

The registered pharmacists have urged the Union Health Ministry to amend Schedule K of Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, to remove exemption given to registered medical practitioners to stock and dispense medicines.

Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945

Upon completion of the course, the student shall be able to understand:. Objectives,Definitions,Legal definitions of schedules to the act and Rules. Import of Drugs-Classes of drugs and cosmetics prohibited from import,Import under license or permit. Offences and penalties.

The Drugs and Cosmetics Rules states that schedule H and Schedule H1 drugs are to be sold only with the prescription by a registered medical practitioner. The Drugs and cosmetic Act, was passed in British India to regulate the manufacture, distribution, and sale of drugs in the colony. This Act also governed the import of the drugs in the country.

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Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence

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