Erosional and depositional features of rivers pdf

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erosional and depositional features of rivers pdf

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In earth science , erosion is the action of surface processes such as water flow or wind that removes soil , rock , or dissolved material from one location on the Earth's crust , and then transports it to another location. Erosion is distinct from weathering which involves no movement. Agents of erosion include rainfall ; [4] bedrock wear in rivers ; coastal erosion by the sea and waves ; glacial plucking, abrasion , and scour; areal flooding; wind abrasion; groundwater processes; and mass movement processes in steep landscapes like landslides and debris flows. The rates at which such processes act control how fast a surface is eroded. Typically, physical erosion proceeds fastest on steeply sloping surfaces, and rates may also be sensitive to some climatically-controlled properties including amounts of water supplied e.

Erosion and Deposition: Action of Running Water and Groundwater

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As the river makes its way to the middle course , it gains more water and therefore more energy, so material can be carried in suspension and is used to erode the river banks. Lateral erosion starts to widen the river. When a river flows over flatter land it develops large bends called meanders. Due to erosion on the outside of a bend and deposition on the inside, the shape of a meander will change over a period of time. Erosion narrows the neck of the land within the meander and as the process continues, the meanders move closer together. When there is a very high discharge usually during a flood , the river cuts across the neck, taking a new, straighter and shorter route. Deposition will occur to cut off the original meander, leaving a horseshoe-shaped oxbow lake.

Fluvial Erosional Landforms: Meander, Oxbow Lake, Peneplain

In the previous articles, we were discussing various types of endogenic and exogenic processes. We have also seen that erosion and deposition are some of the exogenic processes. In this post, we are dealing with the geomorphic agents — running water and groundwater , which causes erosion and deposition. They form various erosional destructional and depositional constructional landforms. Even though we are considering the erosional and depositional activities and their landform creation, it should be kept in mind that they are always aided by weathering and mass movements. There are some other independent controls like i stability of sea level; ii tectonic stability of landmass; iii climate etc. A river, which is the best example of the linear flow of running water through a valley, can be divided into three, on the basis of its course — upper course, middle course and lower course.

There are two major types of coastal morphology: one is dominated by erosion and the other by deposition. They exhibit distinctly different landforms, though each type may contain some features of the other. In general, erosional coasts are those with little or no sediment, whereas depositional coasts are characterized by abundant sediment accumulation over the long term. Both temporal and geographic variations may occur in each of these coastal types. Erosional coasts typically exhibit high relief and rugged topography. They tend to occur on the leading edge of lithospheric plates, the west coasts of both North and South America being excellent examples.

follows erosion and because of deposition too, changes Most of the erosional landforms made by vigorous and youthful rivers flowing over steep gradients.

Erosional & Depositional features of a River

The significant landforms resulting from fluvial erosion by streams include river valleys, waterfalls, pot holes, structural benches, river terraces, river meanders, ox-bow lakes and peneplians etc. The valley formed in the youthful stage of fluvial cycle of erosion and in the initial stage of valley development is V-shaped having steep valley side slope of convex element. The valley is very deep and narrow, both the valley sides meet together at the valley floor and thus water always touches the valley sides.

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Erosion and Deposition: Action of Running Water and Groundwater

What does Groundwater do?

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