Grammar translation method advantages and disadvantages pdf

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grammar translation method advantages and disadvantages pdf

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Grammar–translation method

There are many different teaching methods that can be used in the classroom; in this essay I will compare and contrast the traditional grammar translation method, the communicative teaching approach and the audio-lingual method and the communicative approach and how they impact in the classroom environment. Deciding which method is best for the classroom can be difficult as each method has its own strengths and weaknesses both on teacher and the learner, one.

The grammar translation method is too idealistic while the communicative language teaching method appears to be more useful in a practical situation; but a combination of both methods would produce better results. The aim of this essay is to compare two main methods that are used in the instruction of ESL: communicative language teaching and grammar.

Firstly, some teachers would prefer to use the mother tongue while they teach the foreign language. In the following paragraphs I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages that has been discovered in trying to learn a second language at an age beyond the first language acquisition critical period and how one of my classmates has dealt with the complexities of learning English. My classmate from China started learning English in school at the age of 13 but only in the grammar-translation approach in which she was told to memorize grammar and vocabulary, however was not required to speak English.

Unlike its predecessor, the Grammar Translation Method, which focuses. Chinese students the methods of teaching must be reconsidered. Therefore this. In general, there were two approaches that could be applied to teach grammar: deductive and inductive. This dichotomy was built upon rule-based and example-based teaching.

The deductive approach, also known as a 'top down' approach, was a rule-based teaching style that involved explaining the grammar item to learners before they encountered how rules functioned in language and then applying it; therefore, the deductive approach was one of the explicit teaching styles Cowan, This approach.

By the time I've learned each method of teaching my position about them changed many times. I've been thinking about which one of them is the best for me, and all of them has advantages and disadvantages. I couldn't decide the one method for me, so decided to combine all of them. My ideas about combination of best advantages of all methods is focused in Eclectic Approach. After getting to know and analyze Chris, I can say that his learning strategy is inclined mostly to the kinesthetic with a holistic learning ability.

He also is a ground thinker which means that we can encounter several disadvantages as to having specifically patients as to his learning and comprehension skills TTC, , pp. The main advantage of multimedia teaching method is the fact that students are more active during this type of teaching. Everything is much more interesting and vivid, stimulating the students and giving them more encouragement. Besides, the practice designed for them are always those mechanical and repeated ones.

As a person who learned English as a foreign language and taught EFL for many years, I do believe that it is not effective to teach based on one particular method, while The Grammar Translation Method and The Silent Way are not the way to teach at all times, they both have some strengths. Firstly, GTM helps the students to read and appreciate the target language literature.

Therefore, the students reading and writing skills are well trained. Additionally, learning grammatical rules strengthen the students reading skills and enables them to produce correct sentences.

Study grammatical rules play the main role in Grammar Translation Method and therefore, this method would be useful for learners whose goal is to become proficient in writing and reading skills.

Which in my opinion, shouldn't be considered as a strength of a language teaching method. Another strength could be developing proficiency in translation by translating form their native language to target language and vice versa. Lastly, the comparison between the two languages helps the students to have a better understanding of words and difficult sentences.

It helps them acquire a better understanding of complex texts. Although it would be hard for them to use their knowledge to communicate orally because when the students learn to think in their native language and try to produce correct sentences in the target language by translating their thought to the target language it makes them pause a lot. Since making errors is considered as the nature of language learning students are encouraged to. Get Access. Read More. Popular Essays.

Advantages & Disadvantages of GTM in TEFL

Bilingual Method is one of many teaching methods of English language. J Dodson had invented this method of teaching Foreign language in Disadvantages of 1-GTM is: - Translation of rules, teaching latin, less paying attention to speaking, teacher-based, no intraction between teacher and students and students and students, stressful environment, no creativity, and it is harsh. Meaning: The translation method is the oldest method of teaching English in our country and is better known as Grammar translation method or the classical method of teaching English. In this method, every word, phrase and sentence in English will be translated into mother tongue. Introduction English is the most spoken and written language around the world and it has become the most common one at our schools as well. Advantages and disadvantages of the method 3.

ALTA's Language Training Methods

Task-based syllabus Show how the syllabus has been influenced by particular theories and models of both language and learning. But there are also some differences. Finnish and Spanish Primary Education Classrooms. This strength can also be argued to be the weakness of the quantitative method, especially where nursing research is concemed The methodology dismisses the expenences of the mdividual as unimportant, which is, As Latin transitioned from being a language heard on the streets into a language subject, studying it took on a different reasoning.

English As A Second Language

There are many different methods used to teach languages. However, three methods enjoy significant use and dominate the language market. Each of these methods has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Although many language-training sources may speak about exclusive or unique approaches, with few exceptions they are using one of these three methods. Each is described below, then a comparison of the three is provided. The Direct Method: This method is also known as the oral or natural method. It is based on the active involvement of the learner in both speaking and listening to the new language in realistic everyday situations.


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