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formica care and maintenance pdf

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Product Data Sheet 1. Formica Ligna laminates are available in a variety of grades, decors and surface finishes. They are pre-finished with lacquer or melamine and require no further surface treatment. Please refer to the published range information for further details. All laminates are supplied with a

Formica Maintenance and Care

Thanks to theunique Forma-Lock locking system, it is incredibly easy to install and maintain. This Installation , Care and Maintenance guide willguide you step-by-step through the installation process. It willensure that you have the necessary tools and accessories to getthe job done. You will also find out how to care for your floors sothat they continue to shine for years to come. Pre- Installation Checklist Formica Flooring is hard wearing and straightforward to install.

It simply installs over most hard flat surfaces, and in some instancesthere is no need to remove your existing floor covering. It must not be glued or nailed to the sub floor. Planks that are damagedor do not fit together must be returned to the retailer. Replacement stock will then be organised. If you are installing Formica Supergloss flooring or Satin Gloss finish flooring four packs should be opened and mixedfor greater pattern variation.

Please note an expansion gap of 1. For example, a 10m x 8m room requires a 14mm gap eachside of the 10m length, and a 12mm gap each side of the 8m length nominal measurements. Without one, the flooring will not be able to exp and or contract properly as temperatures in theroom change. Fill the gap with Colour Sealant. Allow a 20mm gap between thedoorframes of the adjoining rooms. For example, kitchens, cafes, restaurants, bars and hairdressing salons and exterior doorways.

Please refer to the instructions listed on the bottle for correctapplication. This is tocover wastage during the installation process. Refer to the Formica Flooring Room Calculator within this bookletto work out exactly what you need. This will not always be suitable, and is a recommendation only; long rooms and hallways may dictate that the planks need to follow the length of the room. However, it will be a matter of personal choice. Refer to the AccessoriesChecklist section of this booklet.

This is to be laid on top of the sub-floor foil side up for moistureprotection, sound deadening and insulation. The underlay must create a total moisture barrier, so someunderlays may require the use of silver PVC tape to join lengths of underlay together. We recommend the useof 2.

Must be laid over the sub floor for moistureprotection for use with 12mm Formica Flooring. Do not use foam underlay with 12mm Formica Flooring as this can cause joins to squeak. This is used on the jointing seam of combination underlay.

It is not required if Formica Superfoil Underlay is used as this already has a pre-adhered joining tape. Make sure you removethese after installation. This is used to conceal the expansion gap left around the perimeter of the laidflooring and or skirting board. Please note The quad or scotia base must be a minimum of 12mm to besuitable for Formica Flooring. A guide for Commercial expansion systems and cover strips is detailed on pages Please also make sure you have the correct quantity of accessories to complete the installation.

For assistance,refer to the Formica Flooring Room Calculator within this booklet. This is a hardwearing compound developed to repair chips and scratches thatmay accidentally occur when installing laminate or timber flooring. Colour Fill is colour matched to flooringfor practically invisible repairs. Can also be used to fill open joints that may appear between planks. This adds additional water resistance to floor jointsin areas where accidental water spillage may occur.

Its adhesive properties also provide added strength tothe end lock of the plank, or to areas where the tongue is removed to allow fitting in confined areas. This is a strong activating cleaner that removes wax residue, floor polish, difficult stains,pen markings and scuffmarks without harming the flooring surface. This is a high quality, cleaning product developed for regular use to help maintain laminateflooring appearance.

Quick Tools ChecklistDo you have all the right tools? Razor-knife or scissors to cut the combination underlay. Fine sharp tooth h and or jigsaw. Measuring tape and 2m straight edge ruler. Electric drill and 6mm bit for fitting expansion profiles or door threshold trims. Screws and screwdriver for fixing expansion profile optional. Damaged boxes may void the productwarranty. Place unopened boxes inside the building where the floor is to be laid.

Do not leave outside. Uneven joints and gaps between planks of 0. This is within normal product tolerances. This is within normal product tolerances and will diminishas the floor is used. Any heavy furnitureover kg should avoid point loading on the floor, and weight should be evenly distributed across the unit s.

Moving of such items should be by lifting and placing, not dragging across the floor. You must fix these items to the sub floor and allow sufficientexpansion gaps around any fixing points. If using a new plank, ensure this is not a full plank suggesttwo thirds of a plank , so that the end joins for adjacent rows are offset.

Then lift the planks gently and slot them into the protruding tongue ofthe adjoining plank, working left to right refer Diagram 8. Please noteYou may need to use masking tape to hold down the planks already laid. Once the planks are connected in the row you can remove the tape.

Make sure you have installationspacers placed against the wall for an expansion gap, then mark a lineindicating where you need to cut. Once the plank has been cut, takethe piece with the groove side decorative side facing up and placeon top of the bottom lip of the protruding tongue and repeat Step 8. Allowfor a 10mm expansion gap when laying planks around door jambs and fill the gap with the recommended colour sealant. Formica Flooring must be laid separately between door frames.

Allow a 20mmgap between the door frame and cover the gap with an expansionprofile. This shouldgive an accurate centre point to drill holes refer Diagram Next, cut the plank crosswaysthrough the centre of the drilled holes.

Use longthin nails, approximately 30mm, to fix the quad beading onto theskirting board. For cement walls use liquid nail adhesive. Please noteQuad beading placed around corners are to be cut at 45 degreeangles at both joining ends for a neat fit. Finally, inspect the floor. If there are small chips on the planksurface these sections need to be cut out and replaced. Tilers Mate — L AngleEnd and level profile transition. Transition ExamplesAdapt T5End profile transition for stairs.

Formica Flooring must be glued to sub floor on stairs. Keep minimum 10mm gap and fill with same sealant usedfor expansion joints and doorways.

Keep minimum 10mm gap and fill with the same sealant usedfor expansion joints and doorways. This only spreads dirt and can cause swelling of the joints. Use onlyrecommended Flooring cleaning products. Available from major flooring retail outlets. Liquid spills left on Formica Flooring will causeswelling of the joints.

S and , dirt and grit act like abrasive paper and will damage the Formica Flooring surface layer. It has been designed and manufactured with a high strengthstain resistant surface layer. Applying wax or varnish will smear, yellow and glaze the surface. This warranty applies only to Formica Flooring :a Purchased from The Laminex Group after 1 July for interior residentialor commercial use in Australia;b That has remained installed at the location at which it was first installed afterits sale by The Laminex Group;c Which has been installed, maintained, used and protected in the mannerrecommended by The Laminex Group, as at the relevant time of such installation,maintenance, use or protection, in its literature published fromtime to time concerning Formica Flooring , a copy of which may be obtained, freeof charge, at the point of purchase or by writing directly to The Laminex Group atthe address given below; and d where The Laminex Group has been notified of the defect within sevendays of the first person to become aware of it.

Costs of claiming:a The Laminex Group will bear the expense of the reasonable labour chargeswhich are necessary for the repair or replacement of the Formica Flooring product covered by this warranty.

When submitting a claim, please provide detailsof the quantum of the labour charges necessary for the repair or replacement ofthe Formica Flooring product including any quotes youhave obtained verifying the labour charges.

A replacement product may not be reasonably available from The Laminex Group inthe same shape, type or colour as the original Formica Flooring product covered bythis warranty. Except as expressly provided in paragraphs 8 and 9, all terms, conditions, warranties,undertakings, inducements and representations, whether expressor implied, statutory or otherwise relating in any way to Formica Flooring areexcluded. Without limiting the generality of the preceding sentence,The Laminex Group will not be under any other liability in respect of any loss ordamage including consequential loss or damage however caused whether bynegligence or otherwise which may be suffered or incurred or which may arisedirectly or indirectly in respect of Formica Flooring.

The replacement of Formica Flooring or the supply of equivalent product;ii. The repair of Formica Flooring iii. The payment of the cost of replacing Formica Flooring or acquiring equivalentproduct; oriv. The payment of the cost of having Formica Flooring repaired; and b If the breach relates to services:i.

The supplying of the services again; orii. The payment of the cost of having the services supplied again. Please note that the benefits given by this warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies of the person under a law in relation to the goods or services to which thiswarranty relates.

This warranty should not therefore be read as an exclusivestatement of the rights of the original purchaser or any other person.


When it comes to caring for your laminate or solid surface top, all cleaning products are not created equal. Follow the helpful advice from the manufacturer websites listed below to help you get rid of stains and maintain the beauty of your countertop for years to come. In many cases the same cleaners are not recommended for laminate tops as are for solid surfaces. Please adhere to the manufacturer specifications for best results. The links below are provided for your convenience. Mountain Tops, Inc does not provide maintenance instructions other than those supplied by the actual product manufacturer. Website design by chrismauck.

Advanced Cabinet Systems offers only the best laminate cabinets, instrument storage, countertops, and more, so we want to be sure that each customer also receives directions to best take care of their quality products. ACS partners with a few hand selected vendors for our laminate, melamine, and solid surface vendors based on quality, performance, available colors, and textures. Joaquin Dr. Marion, IN Care for Laminate Cabinets, Storage, and More Advanced Cabinet Systems offers only the best laminate cabinets, instrument storage, countertops, and more, so we want to be sure that each customer also receives directions to best take care of their quality products.

Panels for kitchen countertops, floors and walls. Cleaning and maintenance.

Laminate Countertops, Inc. Shepherd Dr. Inspired by contemporary textures and trendy colors, they are the long-lasting solution for your decor. DSI has the Target Collection laminate sheets in stock that match the competition in appearance but best it in quality. Please refer to actual samples before specifying.

Manufacturer Product Care & Maintenance Guides

Abet Laminati Brochures.

Care & Maintenance

The surface of your new countertop is highly resistant to wear and heat. It is not, however, completely heat, stain, or cut resistant. Always use a trivet under cook ware. Few chemicals and foods used in the kitchen will stain your countertop.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Affinity Solid Surface is more than just a countertop. It is collection of colors that offer an array of design options unlike any other surfacing material on the market.

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Laminate Care Guides

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