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international trade and investment law pdf

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I would like to point out that these reasons reflect and are justified, as to the economic underpinning , by the ever closer link between international trade and international investment in the globalized economy of the early XXI century, where national economies are interconnected, and developments in any major economy directly influence the evolution of other economies. Financial markets are not and cannot be isolated, a state of affairs that is due also to the intentional choice by governments and their regulators in the last Most users should sign in with their email address. If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.

Judging the State in International Trade and Investment Law

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Understanding of global economic relations requires specialized and advanced learning of trade and investment institutions, rules and principles. This programme, therefore, seeks to provide a platform for richer theoretical, contextual, practical and multidisciplinary inquiry to understand institutional frameworks, global legal processes, policy dynamics, and contemporary challenges in the area of international trade and investment. Students will engage in an intensive study of global, regional and local economic regimes concerned with trade and investment, their interactions and contemporary relevance through a carefully selected elective courses. Students can explore a wide variety of topics and examine emerging issues in international trade and investment in great detail in their areas of professional and research interest. This specialisation will enable students to develop critical thinking, a range of perspectives and policy-oriented approach towards the most pressing contemporary issues arising from global economic relations. In addition to core courses, JGLS offers a range of exciting and stimulating elective courses in the area of international trade and investment that are global in focus, innovative and progressive in curriculum design, and benchmarked against leading global law schools in terms of teaching, learning and assessment to provide a challenging and rewarding academic experience.

With regards to global trade, where new technologies impact both on what is traded and how, this chapter sketches the current regulatory landscape and projects the implications of emerging technologies for future regulatory approaches. While the regulation of technology mainly rests with domestic law, it is international trade law that addresses problems of regulatory diversity, overcomes unnecessary barriers to international trade and investment, and articulates common standards. Apart from general principles of non-discrimination and transparency, technology is particularly addressed by rules of intellectual property protection and by technical regulations and standards for industrial and nutritional products. For international trade law to respond to the challenges of legitimacy and democratic accountability, there need to be new approaches to regulatory cooperation and coherence, operating within a proper framework of multi-level governance that harnesses the process of globalization which is much driven by technological advances. Keywords: International law , World Trade Organization , technical barriers to trade , harmonization , equivalence , mutual recognition , regulatory convergence , intellectual property , transfer of technology. Technology has been a prime driver of commerce, both domestic and international. From the advent of the wheel to horsepower, from land to sea lanes, modern shipping, road, rail and aviation, telecommunications and the Internet, the scope of the International division of labour and commerce was largely facilitated, if not determined, by technology and its progress.

PDF | This timely book examines international trade and investment law at various levels of governance, including unilateral, bilateral, regional, and | Find​.

International trade and investment law: a new framework for public health and the common good

Key findings: On international investment treaties: There is a large emerging empirical literature looking at the impact of international bilateral investment treaties BITs on foreign direct investment FDI , but findings are mixed on the relationship between BITs and FDI. The evidence points to investment treaties being part of a wider set of forces fostering FDI. Concerns on the influence on sustainable development include: i. On international investment and commercial arbitration: The limited available empirical and anecdotal evidence on the effect of investment arbitration on FDI is mixed; no systematic evidence was found on the effect of commercial arbitration.

Metrics details. International trade and investment agreements can have positive outcomes, but also have negative consequences that affect global health and influence fundamental health determinants: poverty, inequality and the environment. This article proposes principles and strategies for designing future international law to attain health and common good objectives. Basic principles are needed for international trade and investment agreements that are consistent with the common good, public health, and human rights. These principles should reflect the importance of reducing inequalities, along with social and environmental sustainability.

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International trade and investment law: a new framework for public health and the common good

In this track, part of the LLM International and European Law, students learn to operate, analyse, and debate the international legal framework that sustains, ordains, and contains the global economy.

The Journal of World Investment & Trade

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The topics of World Trade Law and International Investment Law, although (​AALCC ).

Studies in International Trade and Investment Law


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