Rural oklahoma students and access to higher education pdf

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rural oklahoma students and access to higher education pdf

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We are committed to the promotion of diversity in the broadest sense. We highly value the dignity and worth of individuals inclusive of their gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, age, physical and mental abilities, religious beliefs, socioeconomic class, and other identities. Valuing diversity also extends to diversity of thought and perspective.

Those Left Behind

A high school student in Ruleville, Mississippi, adjusts his cap in preparation for his graduation ceremony, May In the heart of the Arkansas Delta lies Lee County, a rural area with a deep history. Cotton, an industry sustained by slaves and, later, African American sharecroppers, once ruled Lee County. A student living in the county seat, Marianna, for example, would have to drive 18 miles to get to the nearest community college campus—more than twice as far as the average community college student typically commutes. The closest four-year, public, in-state option would require a four-hour round trip.

With advances in technology, students across the world have access to a range of educational opportunities unthinkable even a decade ago. But even as global connections and new modes of teaching proliferate, place still matters. This disconnect between K achievement and postsecondary achievement further disadvantages communities that are already struggling to attract industry and talent. It also is a complex situation — with rural students more likely than nonrural ones to have some postsecondary education but no degree. We must work to better understand these complexities and to support more rural students in attaining postsecondary credentials with real value in the communities where they live.

The purpose of this study is to inform state policymakers and local districts on the issues surrounding distance education in K schooling and in particular the need for distance education adoption in rural schools. Research shows that schools are adopting distance education platforms to deliver otherwise unavailable coursework to students, which holds especially true for rurally based K schools. The differences in effectiveness between traditional face-to-face and distance education methods are inconclusive. The results of this study show that some schools, such as small rural schools, may not have a choice as to the adoption of distance education, because the benefits of adoption for rural schools far outweigh any cost of failing to do so. In addition, cost and an institutionalized school system are barriers to distance education adoption and expansion.

Those Left Behind

Local Scholarships Organization of Rural Oklahoma Schools Scholarship. Oklahoma Schools Insurance Group Scholarship. Carnegie Community Service Scholarship. CKEnergy Scholarship. Goodwill Maximum Independence Scholarship.

The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education is the state's legal structure for providing public education at the collegiate level. It is a coordinated system of colleges and universities located throughout the state. With a current enrollment of more than , students, the State System consists of 25 colleges and universities — including two research universities, 11 regional universities and 12 community colleges — and 11 constituent agencies and one higher education center. The State System is coordinated by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, and each institution is governed by a board of regents. Regional University System of Oklahoma. The said lands or the proceeds thereof as above apportioned to be divided between the institutions as the Legislature may prescribe: Provided, that the said lands so reserved, or the proceeds of the sale thereof, or of any indemnity lands granted in lieu of section thirteen shall be safely kept or invested and preserved by the State as a trust, which shall never be diminished, but may be added to, and the income thereof, interest, rentals, or otherwise, only shall be used exclusively for the benefit of said educational institutions. Such educational institutions shall remain under the exclusive control of the State and no part of the proceeds arising from the sale and disposal of any lands granted for educational purposes, or the income or rentals thereof, shall be used for the support of any religious or sectarian school, college, or university, and no portion of the funds arising from the sale of sections thirteen or any indemnity lands selected in lieu thereof, either principal or interest, shall ever be diverted, either temporarily or permanently, from the purpose for which said lands were granted to the State.

Rural school leaders are met with serious challenges and opportunities to lead rural schools in times of normalcy, but these challenges are amplified during a crisis. Rural school principals in the United States faced an unprecedented crisis when school buildings closed in spring due to the COVID pandemic. The measure of rural school principals and their response to this crisis is exemplified through their leadership practices. Through qualitative methods, we examined the leadership practices of rural principals through the initial months of the COVID pandemic and quarantine, and we found that rural principals exhibit the practices of caretaker leadership. From the findings, we used a meta-leadership frame to discuss the caretaker leadership practices of rural school principals.

Oklahoma State System of Higher Education

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The national picture

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