Difference between pic and atmel microcontroller pdf

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difference between pic and atmel microcontroller pdf

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I love the Atmel AVR microcontrollers! During a recent project, I needed several switches for setting control values. I could have tried a complex input system with a keyboard and display, but the ATtiny would have run out of resources.


I love the Atmel AVR microcontrollers! During a recent project, I needed several switches for setting control values. I could have tried a complex input system with a keyboard and display, but the ATtiny would have run out of resources. While conceptually very simple, and supported by hardware resources on the AVRs, software drivers are still necessary to use the I2C bus.

The I2C bus is a simple, two-wire connection that can link multiple devices together and allow them to exchange data. In its simplest form there is one master device that communicates to multiple slave devices. All devices are connected in parallel to the two wires of the I2C bus. SCL is the clock line and is controlled by the master device. SDA is the bi-directional data line. If a write is desired, the master will continue to send data to the addressed slave.

If a read is requested, the slave will respond with data. To coordinate transactions, the SCL and SDA lines are manipulated by the master and the slave to signal several conditions. The details of these conditions are handled by the drivers. The true geeks among you can learn all the details in the links provided at the end of this Instructable. The electrical requirements are pretty simple. The value of the pull-up resistors is precisely determined by a calculation based on the total capacitance on the bus, but practically can be pretty much any value between 1.

I start with 5. Once the drivers are written, these differences are mostly transparent to the user. This means that an ATmega program does not have to wait for I2C data transfers to take place, but only needs to wait before initiating another transfer, or until data arrives from a read operation.

The examples and discussion to follow should make this clear. I2C addresses are 7 bits long, so up to devices can be on the bus if each has a unique address. As shown in the figure, this 7 bit address is shifted left one bit and the least significant bit is used to flag a read or write of the device at the address.

Thus the complete slave address is an 8 bit byte. Sounds confusing, but an example will make this clear. These pins can be tied to ground or to the positive voltage supply 5 volts to represent 0 or 1 respectively.

So the range of possible addresses is 38 to 3F hexadecimal, as shown in the other figure from the PCA data sheet. Each will respond to its specific slave address only. Read the data sheet carefully and keep in mind that the slave address will be 7 bits long.

Again, an example will help. The figure from the data sheet shows that the settings of these address bits are ignored as the size increases and are completely ignored for the 24C The range of slave addresses will actually address different sections within the 24C The first bytes are at address 50h, the next at 51h, and so on up to the last at 57h — for a total of 2K bytes. The schematic of the ATmega in the present Instructable shows how to implement the Ghetto Development System for this processor.

The parallel port cable is the same as the one for the ATtiny Same for the Arduino. Here are Digikey part numbers. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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PIC usually pronounced as "pick" is a family of microcontrollers made by Microchip Technology , derived from the PIC [1] [2] [3] originally developed by General Instrument 's Microelectronics Division. All current models use flash memory for program storage, and newer models allow the PIC to reprogram itself. Program memory and data memory are separated. Data memory is 8-bit, bit, and, in latest models, bit wide. Program instructions vary in bit-count by family of PIC, and may be 12, 14, 16, or 24 bits long. The instruction set also varies by model, with more powerful chips adding instructions for digital signal processing functions. Low-power and high-speed variations exist for many types.

Let's narrow that down to the difference between 8 bit PICs and basic AVRs. What are the important differences between PIC and AVR microcontroller.


Their interfacing with other peripherals is also very easy. I recommend you to check a list of Pic microcontroller project here. Each family has a variety of components along with built in special features.

When it comes to choosing microcontroller, it is really a confusing task as there are various microcontrollers available in the market with same specifications. So every parameter becomes important when it comes to selecting a microcontroller. Here they are compared on various levels which will be helpful in selecting microcontroller for your project. Gather all information about your project to be started before starting to choose any microcontroller.

Nowadays, Microcontrollers are so cheap and simply obtainable that it is general to use them instead of easy logic circuits like counters for the sole reason of gaining some design flexibility and discount some space. Some machines and robots will even rely on a huge number of microcontrollers , each one enthusiastic to a confident task. A micro-controller can be comparable to a little stand alone computer; it is an extremely powerful device, which is able of executing a series of pre-programmed tasks and interacting with extra hardware devices.

Little is offered to the majority of readers that are in between.

AVR microcontrollers

Help and resources for entrepreneurs creating new electronic hardware products. How do you select the right microcontroller for your specific hardware product? This article will show you all the different factors you need to juggle when selecting the very best microcontroller. When selecting the right microcontroller for a project you must consider cost, performance, power consumption and overall size. The availability of the proper software and hardware tools is also a prime consideration.

AVR is a family of microcontrollers developed since by Atmel , acquired by Microchip Technology in AVR microcontrollers find many applications as embedded systems. They are especially common in hobbyist and educational embedded applications, popularized by their inclusion in many of the Arduino line of open hardware development boards.

A microcontroller is a chip optimized to control electronic devices. It is stored in a single integrated circuit which is dedicated to performing a particular task and execute one specific application. It is specially designed circuits for embedded applications and is widely used in automatically controlled electronic devices. In this Microprocessor Vs. Microcontroller tutorial, you will learn: What is Microcontroller? What is a Microprocessor?

This article discusses about what is a microcontroller,difference between AVR, ARM, and PIC Microcontrollers and its applications.

Difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller

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Difference between pic and arm microcontroller pdf books

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