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structure and function of eye pdf

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Structure and Function of the Eyes

Human eye , in humans, specialized sense organ capable of receiving visual images, which are then carried to the brain. The eye is protected from mechanical injury by being enclosed in a socket, or orbit, which is made up of portions of several of the bones of the skull to form a four-sided pyramid, the apex of which points back into the head. Thus, the floor of the orbit is made up of parts of the maxilla, zygomatic, and palatine bones, while the roof is made up of the orbital plate of the frontal bone and, behind this, by the lesser wing of the sphenoid. The optic foramen , the opening through which the optic nerve runs back into the brain and the large ophthalmic artery enters the orbit, is at the nasal side of the apex; the superior orbital fissure is a larger hole through which pass large veins and nerves. These nerves may carry nonvisual sensory messages—e.

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With longer wavelengths in the IR spectrum and the availability of InGaAs detectors and cameras, OCT scanners now penetrate even deeper into the human, We report a Talbot bands-based optical coherence tomography OCT system capable of producing longitudinal B-scan OCT images and en-face scanning laser ophthalmoscopy SLO images of the human retina in-vivo. Spectrogram graphs based on short time Fourier transform STFT were considered to evaluate the power spectrum analysis in each EEG channel of transition or steady state. The spatial separation of the two beams facilitates collection by an SLO channel of optical power originating exclusively from the retina, deprived from any contribution from the reference beam. Human eye, specialized sense organ in humans that is capable of receiving visual images, which are relayed to the brain. The vitreous humour is also in contact with, the retina, though it only adheres to it at the optic nerve, disc; it helps hold the retina in place by exerting a pressure, on it against the choroid. Results: In this, layer, all of the ganglion cell axons travel towards the optic. Structure of the Human Eye.

Special cells called cones and rods are located in the retina. These cells are known as photoreceptors and help absorb light. The majority of the cones are located in the macula, or central area, of the retina. Cone cells help us see colour and detail. Similarly, the macula allows us to read and clearly recognize people's facial details, such as eye colour and whether they have freckles.

Eyes are organs of the visual system. They provide animals with vision , the ability to receive and process visual detail, as well as enabling several photo response functions that are independent of vision. Eyes detect light and convert it into electro-chemical impulses in neurons. In higher organisms, the eye is a complex optical system which collects light from the surrounding environment, regulates its intensity through a diaphragm , focuses it through an adjustable assembly of lenses to form an image , converts this image into a set of electrical signals, and transmits these signals to the brain through complex neural pathways that connect the eye via the optic nerve to the visual cortex and other areas of the brain. The most simple eyes, pit eyes, are eye-spots which may be set into a pit to reduce the angles of light that enters and affects the eye-spot, to allow the organism to deduce the angle of incoming light.

it flexibility to function. The adnexal structures, like eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids, protect eyes from foreign elements and injuries. The liquids.

Structure and Function of the Human Eye

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Members of the animal kingdom use different strategies to detect light and focus it to form images. Human eyes are "camera-type eyes," which means they work like camera lenses focusing light onto film. The cornea and lens of the eye are analogous to the camera lens, while the retina of the eye is like the film.

human eye structure and function pdf

The orbit is the bony cavity that contains the eyeball, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, as well as the structures that produce and drain tears. The eye is roughly analogous to a self-regulating, self-cleaning camera. Associate Professor Bruce Hadden.

The structures and functions of the eyes are complex. Each eye constantly adjusts the amount of light it lets in, focuses on objects near and far, and produces continuous images that are instantly transmitted to the brain. The orbit is the bony cavity that contains the eyeball, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, as well as the structures that produce and drain tears.

Eye anatomy and function

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Both modes require fibroblast growth factor 2 FGF2. So I'm just drawing that in. Move your left hand to unblock your left eye and the gap re-appears. Melanin, the pigment present in the RPE, reduces the scatter of light to the photoreceptors, shielding, them from excessive light exposure Marmor and, Wolfensberger, This article uses the mammalian eye as a primary model and follows the path that light takes on its journey through the functional eye, detailing the essential components of one of the smallest, yet most complex organs in the body. Our findings therefore suggest a functional role of Fam3c in the regulation of osteoblast differentiation.

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