Political parties and political system in india in tamil pdf

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political parties and political system in india in tamil pdf

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Social movement theorists like Gamson view political recognition and engagement as one of the main aims and successes of social mobilisation. Despite the obvious achievements of the VCK, however, activists and commentators express disappointment or disillusionment with its performance. The Panthers clearly reject the caste hierarchy, but they increasingly adopt hegemonic forms of politics which can undermine their aims. This paper, thus, engages with the questions of movement institutionalisation by tracing the political trajectory of the VCK and charting its resistance to and compliance with Dravidian hegemony.

Political Parties in India

Inclusive growth in Tamil Nadu: The role of political leadership and governance. Kartik Akileswaran Luca Graziadei. Although the culinary and linguistic differences between North and South India are widely known outside the country, less well understood abroad are the differences in how the two groupings of Indian states have fared on development. A comparison of Tamil Nadu, a southern state, and Uttar Pradesh, a northern state, is indicative of broader regional trends. In , these two states were not so different across a number of measures related to development, albeit with Tamil Nadu achieving a generally higher performance. Decades later, we see a much different situation. How did Tamil Nadu do this?

The Government and Politics of India

The region of Tamil Nadu indicates historical records of human habitation at least for 3, years. Kamaraj was the most influential leader during the Congress era in Tamil Nadu. Prakasam , O. Ramaswamy Reddiar , Kumaraswamy Raja , C. Rajagopalachari , M.

The party has enjoyed broad support among members of the higher castes and in northern India. It has attempted to attract support from lower castes, particularly through the appointment of several lower-caste members to prominent party positions. The BJS advocated the rebuilding of India in accordance with Hindu culture and called for the formation of a strong unified state. Ten years later the party, led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee , joined three other political parties to form the Janata Party and took over the reins of government. Plagued by factionalism and internal disputes, however, the government collapsed in July The BJP was formally established in , following a split by dissidents within the Janata coalition, whose leaders wanted to prohibit elected BJS officials from participating in the RSS.

The Semicircle of Economic, Religious and. Political Thought. 8. Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and the States. 9. Political parties, groupings, fronts and alliances.

Bharatiya Janata Party

India has a multi-party system with recognition accorded to national and state and district level parties. Other political parties that wish to contest local, state or national elections are required to be registered by the Election Commission of India. Registered parties are upgraded as recognised national or state level parties based upon objective criteria. A recognised party enjoys privileges like a reserved party symbol, [A] free broadcast time on state run television and radio, a consultation in setting of election dates and giving input in setting electoral rules and regulations. This listing is according to the Indian general election and Legislative Assembly elections and any party aspiring to state or national party status must fulfil at least one of the concerned criteria.

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List of political parties in India

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PDF | The Viduthalai Ciruthaigal Katchi (VCK, Liberation Panther Party) has successfully transformed from the largest Dalit movement in Tamil.


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