Primary teacher interview questions and answers pdf

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primary teacher interview questions and answers pdf

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This question allows for the candidate to explain their decision to get into teaching.

Top 20 teacher interview questions and answers (+ PDF free download)

Answering the teacher interview questions don't just seek skills and proficiency but also, an influential personality and good people management skills. So here are some of the most common teacher interview questions and answers along with tips to deliver them correctly follow in the end. This is a question with complexity as much as ' Tell us something about yourself.

The best way is to respond with your passion towards the teaching job and the responsibilities and fulfilment it brings. You can quote examples as well, which is always good too.

Sample Answer: I decided to become a teacher due to several reasons. One, I have a knack for learning new things and when you teach, you often get more lessons than you give. Two, I like being around young minds since their creativity and imaginative power is incomparable which also explains the former. Three, I want to impart knowledge and guidance however I can and young minds have the most to gain from it.

Finally, I simply love to teach. This basically seeks your approach to teaching and managing class and children. As a primary teacher interview question, this has much more weight and should be answered with care. Sample Answer: My philosophy as a teacher is to give knowledge with a practical approach.

If the children understand what is the use or significance of what they are learning, they will retain it better. Also, I prefer to engage students with the lessons instead of a one-ended flow of lessons, which has its own advantages in many cases. Using multimedia is also preferred by me since it raises engagement in the classroom and helps everyone interact better.

This is a variation among several interview questions that seek direct answers regarding your management skills. Quoting examples is a great way to get through with them and should be applied with almost every question here. Sample Answer: My classroom management aims primarily at discipline and an engaging environment.

While the exact approach may differ for every case, the basic approach is to shuffle seating arrangements, teaching with active discussions, imparting responsibilities among students, and counselling students from time to time. In one of the classes I overlooked, we had a daily art and craft competition which can be finished throughout the day.

This helped students who were faster at certain things have something to be engaged with while others worked on it. Since technology has penetrated education and is aiding profoundly in it, school interview questions often revolve around the approach with technology. This is particularly essential with nursery and primary teachers. Study how technology is used and also, research how it can be used further.

Sample Answer: Technology is a wonder in the classroom. I remember when I taught young children about different animals, and I used my smartphone with the smartboard monitor to show them short, engaging videos from YouTube-like '10 weirdest ways animals eat' which helped them remember how most animals consume normally. Similarly, I often use real pictures of animals, plants, things, and other material while teaching about them.

There are many innovative ways beyond the smart classes to teach with technology. This is a simple question and seeks how you personally learn things or do your research. State a simple answer that explains how you read to understand and finally retain the information. Sample Answer: Most of my information comes from reading books and articles. However, most of them explain things in brief or in passing and thus, I keep the internet open, especially Wikipedia. Wiki may not be fully reliable but the citations used are.

This is especially advantageous when reading about history, politics, or scientific narratives. This seeks any kind of formal learning you have completed recently or are in the process of completing it. The answer is pretty straight out with this one.

The answer is yes. Of course, a teacher does perform after school duties, and mostly, it involves some kind of activity, be it entertainment or learning-based. Sample Answer: Certainly! I have been giving swimming lessons in my previous class and had especially helped several students to let go of fear and learn to dive.

I would love to coach them with hand-crafting and origami as well, especially the young ones, they will love it! It is among the different variations of teacher interview questions that bring a problem to the table and seek a solution. They mostly revolve around student-teacher reaction and often, include parents as well.

It is to judge how well a teacher develops an understanding with students and handle matters beyond teaching. Sample Answer: My first approach will be to counsel the student and find the root of the problem, whether it is from home, from transport, or maybe due to psychological causes like dislike for something in school. With that identified, I will proceed accordingly by counselling the student, their parents if needed, and also, school authorities if it can't be resolved independently, like bullying.

Another variation of the above. It can be answered on a similar pattern; Searching for problems, identifying and addressing it, and finally resolving and putting it aside. Here, the problem is lack of confidence, engagement, or maybe, simple introvert-ism. The solution; activities, and opportunities to bring them forward and encouragement to build confidence and interest.

The variation that deals directly with the parents, especially to manage them. The answer can be on similar lines but involving the analysis of parents, parenting, and the combined interaction of the student in school and home. Sample Answer: If any parent is angry about their child's grade, it would be most helpful to listen to them patiently until they cool off a little. Once in the situation, I would engage them and the student in a productive discussion to identify the root of the problem and a plan to tackle it.

This one deals with the authoritative and coordinated problem-solving abilities one needs in a teaching job. Sample Answer: I believe each individual has a unique set of strengths and areas for improvements. Thus, the comprehensive and inclusive approach to teaching helps me identify them.

Based on it and the personal counselling, I like to evaluate students on how much they can and have improved on them in a given time. I also like to keep myself in the picture since it also my responsibility to help them with it. The question is straight and seeks an understandable answer that bridges your interests, your knowledge, and the students' requirements.

It is a good practice to prioritize the exact position you have applied for and add one or two supplementary subjects to it as an added interest. Another deadly variation to questions like 'Why should we hire you? This can be especially advantageous if you have prior experience in a teaching job to quote. Sample Answer: During my experiences till the date, I have learned and have been trained in a lot of essential skills that I can give out to the students as well.

Also, apart from my job, I can guide and lead activities like academic trips, adventure sports, and several outdoor activities since I have been involved in them a lot. I also know several experts in different subjects and industries whom we can invite to motivate and help students from time to time. With that, I hope you score that exciting teaching job you have wanted all along. Clearing the teacher interview questions isn't enough to be a teacher.

You have to keep learning and improving yourself, develop good communication with people of all ages, and most importantly, be passionate about what you do. With that said, our best wishes to you. Freshers Engineers View all. Pharma Freshers View all. HR Professionals View all. Our expert will get in touch with you. Fill the details below. No Comments Currently there are no comments on this article. Popular Courses Interviewing and Hiring Test 4. Remember me.

8 Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

Remember that first impressions count. The job will not be yours if you do not create a good impression to begin with. With this in mind make sure:. I have had this question in most of my interviews. It is usually the first question that is asked and it is very important. Before you start to tell them your life story, think!

Job interviews are exciting we swear even if a lot of them are now taking place via Zoom! Interviews are a time for new opportunities, new colleagues, and new challenges that will change your career path. No pressure, right? Here are 20 teacher interview questions that are highly likely to come up. We recommend that you research any answers and start practicing your responses. Answer honestly and with anecdotes or examples that paint a clear picture of the journey that you took to become a teacher.

A teacher job interview is like the gateway you must pass to enter your next teaching job. Whether it is primary teacher interview questions and answers, secondary school teacher interview questions or teaching interview for higher levels of learning, this samples here can come in handy. Regardless of what teaching position you are looking for and what field, be it science, arts, commercial, primary, secondary, etc, we have a broad range of sample interview questions and possible answers to cover for them with helpful suggestions. You can also download a PDF copy of the teacher interview questions and answers provided in this article. Tell us about yourself. You need to show that you have the tenacity, determination, enthusiasm, and mindset to become a teacher.

Top 5 Interview Questions for Primary School Teachers and Answers

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Top 10 Teacher Interview Questions [Example Answers Included]


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