Positive and negative effects of social media on students pdf

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positive and negative effects of social media on students pdf

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Social Media are computer tools that allows people to share or exchange information s, ideas, images, videos and even more with each other through a particular network. Focus is on the particular field like business, education, society and youth. During this paper we describe how these Media will affect society in a broad way. Keywords: Social Media , business, society, youngsters, education.

Social Media its Impact with Positive and Negative Aspects

Social media addiction: Its impact, mediation, and intervention. This research examined the relations of social media addiction to college students' mental health and academic performance, investigated the role of self-esteem as a mediator for the relations, and further tested the effectiveness of an intervention in reducing social media addiction and its potential adverse outcomes. In Study 2, we developed and tested a two-stage self-help intervention program. The current studies yielded original findings that contribute to the empirical database on social media addiction and that have important theoretical and practical implications. Keywords: Social media addiction; mental health; academic performance; self-esteem; intervention.

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Impact of Social Media on the Youth

Passwort vergessen? The effect of Social Networks [media] like facebook, twitter, MySpace, etc is hard to ignore. Nigerian youth alongside their counterpart around the global are fast making the social media become part of their daily activities. This is a clear picture of the level of participation on the social network. However, technology like two sides of a coin, bring with it both the negative and positive sides. Against all odds, Branston, G. Concurringly, the effect of social network from the pessimistic stand point is increasing dramatically.

Daily diving into social networks has already become an integral part of the modern lifestyle. Undoubtedly, social media made our life more convenient. However, researchers don't stop revealing the alarming effects that social networks have on our health. Today's teenagers spend a considerable amount of time behind the screens of their smartphones. The specialist from EssayPro Louisa Brenson claims that since they launched the mobile application of their service, the total amount of orders for essays increased by 27 percent.

of the coveted data and composing abilities. Loss of motivation in students. The student's motivational level lessen.

Positive Effects of Social Media on Students

Nowadays, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp are very popular among the young generations and they are easily influenced by these technologies. However, there are negative influences of using social media towards the language acquisition of the young generations. The aim of this paper is to identify positive and negative impacts of social media on students writing skills. To achieve the aim of the study, primary research was conducted using questionnaires which were distributed among 88 secondary school students at an academy in a state in Malaysia.

Social media refers to all applications and websites or blogs that enable people around the globe to interconnect via the internet, chat, and share content, video call among many other functionalities it offers to its users. For a person to be a member of any social media, he or she has to first signup and then sign in to access content and be able to share and chat with other users of that social media platform. Some of the common and widely used social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat many among others. Over the past two decades, social media have gained so much growth and fame worldwide to an extent that many researchers are now interested in learning more about these social platforms and their effects on the community. Despite the fact that almost everyone in the community is connected to at least one social media platform, the youth and teenagers are the leading and most fanatic of these social platforms to the point that they even social network while in class or even church.

While there is a lot of studies out there focusing on the negative effects of social media on students, there is another side to the story. Social media has actually been found to have positive effects on both teens and students. When surveyed on how their social media usage affected their everyday lives , students claimed that it gave them more self-confidence, improved their relationships, and even made them more socially conscious. Keep reading to discover some of the other positive effects social media can have on students. When it comes to education, nothing has streamlined group projects and studying quite like technology.