Employee communication during mergers and acquisitions pdf

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employee communication during mergers and acquisitions pdf

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Employee Communication During Mergers and Acquisitions

Therefore, mergers and acquisitions have become relatively frequent events in the business world. Companies are now merging more often than ever before, and all these actions have the same goal — to improve business performance. Even though mergers and acquisitions are not uncommon, a lot of organizations still struggle to implement these changes smoothly. Internal communications IC departments should play one of the most important roles as their responsibility is to align all employees with the overall business strategy. In this blog, we will discuss how internal communications can help deliver more efficient and seamless mergers and acquisitions.

Previously she was a Lead Project Manager at Oracle where she assembled a project management office responsible for the successful integration of acquired assets. She's led integration efforts for roughly 10 acquisitions throughout her career. Briana goes in depth on how to create a communication plan, how to effectively distribute that communication plan, and how to approach an onboarding supplier. You'll learn how to deal with heavy resistance and what challenges you can expect to face during the process. I spent a little over five years at Oracle leading integration efforts for about 10 acquisitions, and currently I'm assisting on a few acquisition-related projects in my role at VSP. However, those are a little more limited in scope, mostly from a procurement perspective.

The objective of this study was to examine the significant factors leading to employee alienation in post-merger integration PMI. Data were collected from middle- and low-level employees in two organizations in the real estate and banking sectors in the United Arab Emirates. The analysis was carried out using structural equation modeling SEM. Organizational justice, employee commitment, organizational trust, perceived effectiveness of human resource HR initiatives and employee communication strategy played an important role in developing or mitigating a feeling of alienation among employees during PMI. Employee tenure in the organization affected individual work performance. The study was limited to middle- and low-level employees and did not consider other organizational variables important in mergers.

Employee Communication During Mergers and Acquisitions by Jenny Davenport

Organizations often merge or acquire other businesses in order to expand into new markets, acquire new technology or reduce competition. A merger is when two companies become one and an acquisition is when one company acquires another. For example, the merger between Exxon and Mobil helped both companies obtain a larger share of the gas and oil market. And the merger between Merck, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, and Medco, a distributor of pharmaceuticals, helped Merck gain an advantage in distributing its products. Doing so can decrease morale and productivity and lead to an exodus of key talent. Those in Human Resources face a number of challenges during a merger or acquisition.

Human Resource Planning pp Cite as. This paper examines the communication used during a merger between two banks in the Pacific Northwest, U. The study drew on the framework of Ivancevich, Schweiger and Power to examine the communication process used during different phases of the merger. The study used several sources of data at each bank: interviews with current and former employees, a survey of current employees, newspaper articles and other external information sources, and internal documents such as memos and newsletters. The findings suggest that individuals took charge of controlling their stress during the merger and that the two banks played somewhat lesser roles in the process, except for the period immediately after the announcement of the intent to merge. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

make or break a successful acquisition and merger – in fact, it's often cited as one employees use in their daily lives to communicate and take care of personal.

Communications in mergers: The glue that holds everything together

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Effectively Communicating During a Merger

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