Polyelectrolytes formation characterization and application pdf

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polyelectrolytes formation characterization and application pdf

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By contrast, relatively less attention has been given to polymer—polymer complex formation with synthetic polyampholytes PA. In this review the complexation of polyampholytes with polyelectrolytes PE is considered from theoretical and application points of view. Formation of intra- and interpolyelectrolyte complexes of random, regular, block, dendritic polyampholytes are outlined. A separate subsection is devoted to amphoteric behavior of interpolyelectrolyte complexes.

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Over the past several years, great advances have been made towards novel drug delivery systems. The phenomena of interpolymer interactions and formation of polyelectrolyte complexes have been the focus of intensive fundamental and applied research. Interpolyelectrolyte complexes combine unique physicochemical properties with high biocompatibility. Studies have been carried out on many different polymer blends and types. Such combinations may possess unique properties that are different from those of individual component. The present review emphasizes on the applicability of polyelectrolyte complexes in drug delivery technology. Current state of art is witnessing a revolution in new techniques for drug delivery.

Intra- and Interpolyelectrolyte Complexes of Polyampholytes

Chitosan and polyacrylic acid mixtures were prepared in different mole ratios and at different pH values and ionic strengths 0. Complex formation was detected by turbidity measurement and quantified by weighing the freeze dried pellet recovered by centrifugation. In the 3 to 6 pH range, the maximum complex formation occurred at different mole ratios. Quantitative analysis of the supernatant showed that pH affects the complex composition. Solution ionic strength in the 0. Supernatant pH measurement showed that in the 3 to 5 pH range, the pH of the mixture decreased as the complex was formed. This information was used to propose a mechanism for complex formation which was confirmed by quantitative analysis of the supernatant and IR analysis of the insoluble complex.

Abstract Polyelectrolytes are polymers of oppositely charged ions and their properties differ profoundly than their repeating units. Over recent years, much advancement has been made in the synthesis, characterization and application of polyelectrolytes and polyelectrolyte complexes PECs. There are two kinds of PECs structure: ladder-like structure and scrambled egg model. There are number of elements that influence the synthesis and stability of PEC. Polyelectrolyte complexes are classified based on the type of macromolecules and bonds involved in complexation.

Formation and characterization of an insoluble polyelectrolyte complex: Chitosan-polyacrylic acid

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