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equality and diversity quiz pdf

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Gabriella Jozwiak Friday, January 4, Gabriella Jozwiak introduces the first part of a new series on managing inclusion, with a look at what the term means in context, and a guide to the legal requirements. Download the pdf of this article.


Between We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We are committed to promoting equality and diversity - as an employer, in the services we provide, in partnerships, and in the decisions we make. Our aim is to ensure that people are treated fairly and with respect. We have equality policies in place which cover employment and services. One of the specific duties we must meet is to publish information to show how we meet the general equality duty in the way we provide services, employ people and make decisions. This must be published at least once a year.

Getroffen haben wir rund junge motivierte Menschen. Farmers need to identify weeds infesting their crops. Every company has a unique set of goals, and your diversity practices must align with them to be successful. A fun knowledge quiz that tests a range of different skills with students working in teams to compete against each other. Share this resource. Why is it important to be able to identify species? Posted on April 16, by Joe Grimm.

In order to achieve equality, diversity and inclusion in your workplace, you first need to assess the current organisational behaviours, the behaviours you would like to encourage, and act - identify what needs to be done to achieve them. The benefits of having a culture where behaviours support equality, diversity and inclusion, are well publicised, and something that we will cover in this article, but if you are aware your business needs to improve in this area, this resource will be a good starting point. The first thing to make clear, is that just saying that you are a diverse and inclusive business is not enough. This should start at the top, with senior management demonstrating those behaviours in the language they use and everything they do. As of June , there were Equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities.

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There are laws that relate specifically to equality and diversity in the workplace. As cheaper travel and the increasing accessibility to global media bring more and more possibilities for many people; the need for tolerance and understanding of others is becoming an issue that cannot be ignored. Equality and diversity means that we treat everyone equally by taking into account differences. So it could be said that we treat someone equally by treating them differently. There is so much importance placed on image today that sometimes the perception can mask or hide the real facts. Stereotypes can be used negatively when facts are wrongly presented. However people may be surprised when some facts are revealed.

Equality and diversity in the workplace means understanding your legal and moral responsibilities so that you can actively promote and accept people and their differences. The aim is to embed a culture within your organisation where everyone feels welcome and where staff are free from discrimination, bullying, harassment and victimisation. Try testing your knowledge of equality and diversity to see how you score. Skip to content. Test Your Equality and Diversity Knowledge Equality and diversity in the workplace means understanding your legal and moral responsibilities so that you can actively promote and accept people and their differences. Which one of the following is NOT one of the protected characteristics? Hair colour.

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Last Updated on January 4, As a part of Inclusive Leadership training , Unconscious Bias workshops , and other equality and diversity courses , you might want to use this free Unconscious bias quiz as an ice-breaker or general activity in the training.