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cmis and apache chemistry in action pdf

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CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action (Paperback)

It has been far too long since our last Apache Chemistry cmislib release, but we finally managed to get one out. The new release, 0. If you make no changes to your code the library will continue to use the Atom Pub binding, by default.

But, the browser binding, which communicates with CMIS 1. To use the new browser binding, import it, then pass it to the CmisClient constructor, like this:.

For more information, please see the docs. And if you have a fix, include that in your Jira. Contributions are welcome! Use code dotdau when you checkout. NET examples including a working web application. Most of the content in a company is completely unstructured. Just think about the documents you collaborate on with the rest of your team throughout the day.

They might include things like proposals, architecture diagrams, presentations, invoices, screenshots, videos, books, meeting notes, or pictures from your last company get-together. How does a company organize all of that content? Often it is scattered across file shares and employee hard drives. To address this, companies will often write content-centric applications that try to put some order to the chaos.

But most of our content resides in files, and files can be a pain to work with. No matter what you call it, they are purpose-built for making it easier for your company to get a handle on its file-based content.

Most large companies have more than one up-and-running in their organization, and every one of them has their own API. They often need to feed and consume business processes and that takes code. Or, if you are a software vendor, and you are trying to build a solution that requires a rich content repository as a back-end, you either have to choose a specific back-end to support or you have to write adapters to support a handful of repositories.

It describes a domain language, a query language, and multiple protocols for working with a content repository. The first version of the specification became official in May of The most recent version, 1. Several developers have been busy writing client libraries, server-side libraries, and tools related to CMIS. It includes a Java client library including Android , multiple servers for testing purposes, and some developer tools, such as a Java Swing-based repository browser called OpenCMIS Workbench.

Apache Chemistry also includes libraries for Python,. So that query returned three properties, cmis:objectId, cmis:name, and cmis:contentStreamLength, of every object in the repository that is of type cmis:document. We could have restricted the query further with a where clause that tested specific property values or even the full-text content of the files.

Readers who spend their days enjoying standardized SQL that works across databases or the benefits of ORM tools that abstract their code from any specific relational database will no doubt be unimpressed by this feat. Everyone is welcome to attend and there is no cost, even if you are not registered for the Codemotion conference. You can register for the meetup here. The agenda will be as follows:. If you would like to present a minute customer case study on how your organization implemented Alfresco, please let me know.

The Apache Chemistry project is pleased to announce that cmislib 0. You can download the client library from the Apache Chemistry cmislib home page or use Setup Tools to install the library quickly and easily. This release features support for renditions, so if your repository supports things like thumbnails, you can retrieve a list of those for a given object. The new release also supports passing in arbitrary HTTP headers. That is one way to enable authentication scenarios beyond basic authentication such as OAuth2, which is the authentication mechanism Alfresco in the Cloud uses.

The book is being published by Manning and should be out in April of This gets drafts of the chapters in your hands quickly so you can apply what you learn to your projects immediately, but, even more importantly, gives you a chance to give us feedback that we can incorporate into the book.

The book covers the current 1. I look forward to hearing feedback from all of you as we continue to knock out chapters this Winter. It completely passed me by.

Patrice Collardez created an extension for cmislib that gives it the capability to work with aspects. I cloned it and made the updates necessary for it to work with cmislib 0. What this means is that you can now use Python and cmislib to work with Alfresco aspects.

It also allows you to call getProperties and updateProperties on Folders and Documents even when those properties are defined in an aspect. Add two custom aspects and set aspect-related properties doc.

Also, if you saw the webinar yesterday you know I showed some Python examples in the shell, but I then switched over to some OpenCMIS Java examples in Eclipse that I included in the custom content types tutorial. Grab them here. You should then be able to run the examples in straight cmislib. See comments for a link to webinar recording and slides.

The Apache Chemistry development team is pleased to announce that the 0. You may have to use one of the backup servers until the mirrors fully update. This release has various fixes and enhancements that the community has contributed since cmislib joined the Apache Chemistry project with its 0.

If you are using Alfresco, you might be interested in an enhancement in cmislib 0. Last Fall, just before the Developer Conference in New York City, Alfresco approached Metaversant with a small project—they needed a web site to share presentations from the DevCon sessions and other events. There are several generic slide-sharing sites out there—Alfresco and I have both used SlideShare for that sort of thing pretty extensively. But Alfresco was looking for something they could have complete control over, plus they were looking to exercise their new Web Quick Start offering.

Technology companies, of course, but also any company with a large sales force or even more modest extranet needs could benefit from a solution like this. SlideShare is great when what you want to share is public. When presentations need to be securely shared, many companies use expansive portals to share sales collateral, marketing presentations, or company communications, but those often come with a very low signal-to-noise ratio.

Even so, if you want to do slide-sharing on top of Alfresco, you can save even more time by starting with DeckShare. I thought it might be cool to walk you through how we got from the Web Quick Start sample app to DeckShare as a way of getting you familiar with Web Quick Start and to help you understand how DeckShare works in case you want to use it on your project. Alfresco is currently branding DeckShare to meet their needs so I have no idea if the About page will still be there when the site goes live, so I may or may not be repeating myself somewhat.

DeckShare is a solution for quickly creating a self-hosted presentation-sharing site on top of Alfresco without having to write any code. DeckShare lets non-technical users manage and categorize presentations that are then consumed by end-users. In this solution, Content Managers are a different set of users than Content Consumers.

Obviously, it could be customized to do that. Using Share for content administration works really well. The home page includes a featured content carousel, a recently added document list, and a document category tree.

The set of categories is almost completely arbitrary and can be managed by DeckShare administrators. In fact, if you are running DeckShare on top of an existing Alfresco repository, you can specify the subset of categories you want to show in the category tree.

When you click a specific category, the resulting page looks like this:. The category page shows only the presentations for a specific category and features the same category tree browser that appears on the home page. The details page, shown below, shows high-level metadata about the presentation, supporting files that accompany the presentation, related presentations, and a flash-based document preview. The flash-based preview allows end-users to browse the presentation without downloading the entire file.

The site also has full-text search and that page is very similar to the category list page. The look-and-feel of the end-user web site can be completely customized to match client branding needs.

And, both the metadata model and category hierarchy can be extended to support specific client requirements. Alternatively, Content Managers have several other options for getting presentations into the repository, including FTP, drag-and-drop via Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, emailing content into the repository, drag-and-drop from within Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes, or saving directly from Microsoft Office as if the repository were a Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Regardless of how the files arrive, Alfresco automatically takes care of creating thumbnails and PDF renditions of the presentations. It is essentially a sample web application that sits on top of the Web Quick Start API Java , some presentation tier services, some repository tier services, and an extended content model. That means you can use all of the familiar building blocks present in the repository such as custom types and aspects to model your data, behaviors, and web scripts.

The presentation tier uses Alfresco Surf to lay out pages and to define regions on those pages. Regions get their content from presentation tier web scripts. For example, Metaversant recently worked with a client that chose Spring 3 and Apache Tiles for the front-end because that was their standard, but they used Web Quick Start for everything else from the API, back.

Web Quick Start is meant as a starter application. Here are the high-level steps we took to reshape the starter app into DeckShare. Web Quick Start has a simple content model that provides for articles, images, and user feedback. For DeckShare, we added two new aspects to our own model.

One is used to associate a presentation with zero or more related presentations. The other is used to associate a presentation with zero or more supporting files like source code downloads. At some point we may also add an aspect to track fine-grained event metadata such as session time, speaker, etc. Web Quick Start has a default folder structure that lives in the Document Library of the Share site being used to manage the content. Within that there is one folder for editorial content and one for live content.

Each section will typically map to a section of a site and will therefore show up in the site navigation, but you can exclude sections from the navigation. Every section folder has a set of collections.

Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)

Since OpenCms version 8. We do not describe the CMIS standard in depth. Therefore, we refer you to the CMIS specification. OpenCms version 8. So no configuration is required on the OpenCms side.

CMIS and Apache Chemistry In Action. This package contains the code listings and sample projects from the book, the CMIS Workbench and.

CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action

In my case, that repository is Alfresco 4. I use that example to show the same code working against Alfresco in the cloud and Alfresco on-premise. The main method simply calls doExample. The first thing you need is a session.

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Content Management Interoperability Services

In it, you'll tackle hands-on examples for building applications on CMIS repositories from both the client and the server sides. You'll learn how to create new content-centric applications that install and run in any CMIS-compliant repository. It specifies a vendor-and language-neutral way to interact with any compliant content repository. Apache Chemistry provides complete reference implementations of the CMIS standard with robust APIs for developers writing tools, applications, and servers.

Content Management Interoperability Services CMIS is an open standard that allows different content management systems to inter-operate over the Internet. CMIS defines a domain model plus bindings that can be used by applications to manipulate content stored in a repository. CMIS provides a common data model covering typed files and folders with generic properties that can be set or read.

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When working with the repository, the first thing you need to do is grab an instance of cmislib. CmisClient , passing it the repository endpoint URL, username, and password. For example, in Alfresco 4. Earlier versions have different URLs. An Alfresco server has a single repository.

The latest published CMIS 1. Keep up-to-date Cover Pages blog posts twitter press. On April 9, , Alfresco released Alfresco Community 3. On October 06, , OASIS issued a public call for participation in a new technical committee chartered to define specifications for use of Web services and Web 2. This is where an application that uses content is plugged-into a content repository to handle all content services.

It has been far too long since our last Apache Chemistry cmislib release, but we finally managed to get one out. The new release, 0. If you make no changes to your code the library will continue to use the Atom Pub binding, by default.


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