Care and incubation of hatching eggs pdf

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care and incubation of hatching eggs pdf

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Mikelle Roeder, Ph.

Artificial incubation of poultry eggs is an ancient practice. Aristotle writing in the year B. The Chinese developed artificial incubation at least as early as B.

Egg handling in the production farm

Tom W. Smith, Emeritus Professor of Poultry Science, Mississippi State University Novice poultry producers usually become interested in artificial incubation of their own chicks. The success of this type project depends on proper care and incubation of the hatching eggs so healthy, vigorus chicks are produced. The following topics discussed in this publication will help improve the producer's success. If incubator space is the limiting factor, it is more profitable to select the better quality eggs for incubating. A few tips to follow when selecting hatching eggs are: Select eggs from breeders that are 1 well developed, mature and healthy; 2 compatible with their mates and produce a high percentage of fertile eggs; 3 are not disturbed much during the mating season; 4 fed a complete breeder diet; and 5 not directly related [brother, sister, mother, father, etc. Avoid excessively large or small eggs.

Originally developed by Professor Emeritus Robert O. Hawes, reviewed by Professor Emeritus H. For information about UMaine Extension programs and resources, visit extension. Find more of our publications and books at extensionpubs. There are two ways to get chicks for your small or backyard poultry flock.

Hatchery Management

Incubation is the act Forced draft incubators I. Based on heating source:. Location The chick hatcheries are modern buildings that provide separate rooms for each hatchery operations, but each room has its individual requirements. The hatchery area should be a separate unit with its own entrance and exit, unassociated with those of the poultry farm. The hatchery should be situated at least ft from poultry houses to prevent horizontal transmission of disease-producing organisms from the chicken houses to the hatchery. Size of the hatchery The size of the hatchery is based on the egg capacity of the setters and hatchers, number of eggs that can be set each week and number of chicks hatched each week.

Handle eggs with care! Cleaning and culling. Do not incubate eggs that are cracked, misshapen, soiled, or unusually small or large. These rarely hatch andcan.

Incubation and Hatching

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Hatchery Management

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