Basic concepts and taxonomy of dependable and secure computing pdf

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basic concepts and taxonomy of dependable and secure computing pdf

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As systems become more prevalent and more complex, resilient adaptive systems are crucial when systems are needed in environments where change is the rule rather than the exception. Technological Innovations in Adaptive and Dependable Systems: Advancing Models and Concepts provides high quality, effective approaches to design, develop, maintain, evaluate, and benchmark adaptive and dependable systems that are built to sustain quality of service and experience despite the occurrence of potentially significant and sudden changes or failures in their infrastructure and surrounding environments. Providing academicians, practitioners, and researchers with insight, this book contains useful software and hardware aspects, conceptual models, applied and theoretical approaches, paradigms, and other technological innovations. The latter are also presented here in a structured way by dividing the book in several chapters each of which is devoted to one facet of this fascinating multi-dimensional and multidisciplinary problem space. Buy Hardcover.

Fault-tolerance is the ability of a system to maintain its functionality, even in the presence of faults. Concerning more specifically real-time systems, [ Rus94 ] gives a short survey and taxonomy for fault-tolerance and real-time systems, and [ Cri93 , Jal94 ] treat in details the special case of fault-tolerance in distributed systems. If you want to be convinced of the impact of faults and failures, you can browse the following pages:. The three basic notions are fault , failure , and error : a fault is a defect or flaw that occurs in some hardware or software component; an error is a manifestation of a fault; a failure is a departure of a system from the service required. A failure in a sub-system may be seen as a fault in the global system. Hence the following causal relationship:.

Basic concepts and taxonomy of dependable and secure computing

I Computing Laboratory, University of Kent. The dependability of systems is known as the reliance that can justifiably be placed on the service the system delivers. Dependability has become an important aspect of computer systems since everyday life increasingly depends on them, which has left us vulnerable to their potential malfunction. The causes to these malfunctions can potentially be introduced in every step of their development, deployment and operation. Hence the basic concerns associated with dependable systems: how to build them? What design principles are involved? How should these systems be evaluated?

Basic concepts and Taxonomy of Dependable and Secure Computing

DOI : Adelsbach, D. Alessandri, C.

Dependability Restriction to non-malicious faults was only a part of the problem Security Shift from confidentiality To concerns in regard of integrity and availability 2. Threats Faults Failures Errors 2. Attributes of Dependability and Security 3.

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AbstractThis paper gives the main definitions relating to dependability, a generic concept including as special case such attributes. Security brings in concerns for confidentiality, in addition to availability.

Basic Concepts and Taxonomy of Dependable and Secure Computing (1)

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Basic Concepts and Taxonomy of. Dependable and Secure Computing. Algirdas Avizienis, Fellow, IEEE, Jean-Claude Laprie, Brian Randell, and Carl.


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